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Christmas Symphony Screensa  v.ver 1.0

Christmas and New Year noon is very soon! It is time to update your computer desktop with our new free Christmas screensaver. Christmas Symphony screensaver is very remarkable application that will make your desktop unique. Every scene of this

VNC Free Edition (RealVNC)  v.4.1.3

VNC stands for Virtual Network Computing. It is remote control software which allows you to view and fully interact with one computer desktop (the "VNC server") using a simple program (the "VNC viewer") on another computer desktop anywhere on the

Prompt Sticky Notes  v.1.5

Prompt Sticky Notes is perfect for quick reminders on your computer desktop so you never miss a meeting, event, or thought. With this free version, you can create your own notes with pictures and hyperlinks, stick notes on your computer desktop.

Rap Musicians Screensaver  v.1.0

Rap Musicians Screensaver 1.0 is a neat addition to your computer desktop as it actually features many famous Rap artists. One of the most popular streams in music recently is represented by wide range of beautiful photos. You can find the best of

TrafficGauge  v.2

TrafficGauge 2 is designed to be a helpful and simple utility which lets you get a real-time traffic map right on your computer desktop. Pinpoint jams and pick a quicker route before you head out the door. Handy at home and the office.Real-time

Sticker Pack 2 for Mac OS  v.1.0

Admit it, youre a sticker addict. Youve been waiting for more sticker goodness the Iconfactory and now your patience is about to pay off. Sticker Sticker Pack 2 comes with over 40 new applications for your computer desktop. All new sticky additions

Changes I Ching Software for Mac OS  v.1.0

Bring the ancient art of the I Ching to your computer desktop with Changes I Ching Software! Clear, in-depth interpretations by renowned I Ching author R.L. Wing (The I Ching Workbook, The Illustrated I Ching) bring the wisdom and insight of this

Free Sticky Notes  v.3.5

Free Sticky Notes is desktop sticky notes software (freeware) for Windows that offers you an easy way to keep information on the computer desktop. You can create, edit and print PC sticky notes using different fonts, colors; export/import sticky

Star Tree  v.1.0

If you have started redecorating your apartment for Christmas and New Year, you may want to do the same to your computer desktop. Bring Christmas to your desktop and you feel that your heart fills up with special warmth because Christmas Holiday is

ALTools Halloween Wallpaper  v.Series-9

This All Hallows' Eve dress up your computer desktop with ALTools Halloween computer wallpapers. The ALTools Eggheads are dressing up this Halloween to entertain you with fun Halloween costumes. Choose from Snow White, Movie Stars, Super Heroes,

SkyFex Remote Assistant Free  v.1.0

SkyFex Remote Assistant is a free service that allows seeing what is happening on the remote computer desktop in real time. This is a secure service, does not require additional software installation and configuration and works transparently through

Virtual News Reader  v.01

Virtual News Reader is a computer desktop application that can convert text (idealy for online news) into Virtual Voice and can be saved on computer. The project is using Java, (JSAPI), FreeTTS (Text-To-Speech synthesis), DJProject, Substance, &

Windfinder Gadget  v.

The Windfinder gadget is a small program, which displays wind, waves and weather from your favorite surfspot as observations and forecast on your computer desktop (Google sidebar).

Falcula Butterflyfish Wallpaper  v.1.2

Falcula Butterflyfish Wallpaper is a free interactional fish wallpaper containing many interesting falcula butterflyfish that swimming around your computer desktop.

Desktop Loan Repayment Calculator  v.1.00

Desktop Loan Repayment Calculator. Loan repayment calculation for your personal computer.

Splashtop Remote Desktop for iPad Free  v.

Splashtop Remote Desktop for iPad Free will prove to be a beneficial as well as reliable software that gives you the highest performance remote access application giving your entire computer to your iPad, featuring full video and audio

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